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Partnology is a boutique life science search and talent agency focused on representing executive level talent in the life science space.

Our team is professional and hardworking, with a get-it-done attitude. We also know that there is more to life than trying to be the last person in the office. We foster a culture of success and efficiency, but also of fun and positivity.

We seek innovators, entrepreneurs, talented dreamers, and creatives. The thoughtful and passionate striving to make an impact. We seek those who share our passion for helping people and value continuous learning.

If this sounds like you please reach out - we would love to get to know you! 

Our Guiding Principles are:

Be Success Driven

We are laser focused on our goals and on delivering great results. We ensure our efforts are always driving us toward a successful outcome.

While we may have setbacks, we will not be distracted from our purpose and from striving for success in all we do.

Be Transparent

We are committed to operating with integrity and candor, both internally and externally.

We do not operate within a black box, instead we opt for a transparency. Simple to understand, simple to execute, simple to replicate.

Be People Focused

We know that focusing on the bottom line can often cloud and distort how a company interacts with and serves its clients and colleagues.

We pride ourselves on never forgetting our mission is to put People First.  If we treat people as the prioirty, we can innovate the “How” without making sacrifices to the “Why”.

We Enjoy Making $$$: Compensation

Studies show fair compensation leads to increased productivity, engagement, and overall happier teams. We are for all of that. We provide guaranteed compensation above the odds, while also leaving room for significant upside through bonuses and other incentives.

We do good: Social Responsibility

Being a good partner extends beyond the walls of the office or the clients we work with.  It extends to the community we exist within. We offer time each year for our team to focus its energy on improving the community at large, and supporting a cause that makes a difference.

We have fun: Monthly Outings

We arrange team wellness events each month to promote better living, mind and body.  Yoga, meditation, art classes, and hikes are just a few examples of our most recent team adventures.

we Explore: Generous & Flexible Vacation

We offer an unlimited vacation days for all hires. It's as simple as that.

"You will never feel truly satisfied by work until you are satisfied by life."
- Heather Schuck

We Celebrate: Recognize Good work

We believe in shared success and celebrating wins big and small. 

Our culture is one of catching people doing something good, and giving plenty of high-fives!  We also host quarterly events to recognize our stand out performers, teams, and even our external partners.

We Learn: Ongoing Education

We offer master classes to help ensure our team is learning and developing both in the office as well as in their everyday life. 

Each quarter we provide a spotlight on a different area of our business; from contract law and legal review to software infrastructure and vendor selection.

We want our team to experience more than just their day job and gain a larger frame of reference. 

Marketing Intern

San Diego, CA

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Executive Recruiter/ Talent Advisor

San Diego, CA

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-Regina G.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.

-Regina G.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique.

-Regina G.