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Biotech Recruitment: Culture of Success

Partnology’s founding team brings 20+ years of search and recruitment experience in the Biotech Industry, from placing CEOs and Board Members, to building out entire teams.

With successful management of more than 1,900 searches to our credit, our leadership team is primed to craft and implement a search strategy that identifies and delivers world-class biotech talent. We understand the unique intricacies and demands of the biotech industry and use that knowledge to your advantage.

In the 4 years since inception, we are proud to report that we have completed 100% of searches we have initiated and 90% of executives we have recruited are still happily progressing at the companies we placed them at. 

This is due to our "People First" ethos which resonates through every step of our process. We offer a variety of flexible search options, empowering YOU to customize a solution that perfectly aligns with your business's specific needs. With Partnology, your biotech recruitment endeavors are in capable and experienced hands.

Executive Search

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Recruiting for executive level positions often requires extra experience, effort, and attention. Our team at Partnology comes from an Executive Search background and can capably handle your most difficult and sensitive searches.

Retained Search

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For critical searches that may not have the same high profile requirements as a Board seat or CEO, but are equally urgent and important, our retained offering may be an ideal option.  All retained searches are overseen by a partner and provide you with a bespoke search strategy, detailed reporting of progress, and expedited delivery time. Retained searches are typically used for: Director and VP level, niche skill-set, confidential, urgent searches, and those in a highly competitive market.

Team Build-Out Packages

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When you have a leadership team or department buildout we are able to run simultaneous searches based on the needs of each role, while simultaneously factoring in the “Fit” and SWOT analysis of all other candidates we have in the pipeline. In addition, we are able to target successful teams as a whole and aim to attract and move them as a cohesive unit.

Custom Tailored Search

partnology's Five steps

We believe a successful search is predicated on a deep and clear understanding of three things: the role requirements, your company culture, and the wider market. This is why we use a fresh approach with each search we take on, and go the extra mile every step of the way.

Our goal is to deliver a smooth and enjoyable process for every search we take on.

Step 1


Meet with key stakeholders, collect information, and get alignment on role requirements, search expectations, and timelines.

Step 2


Develop a custom search strategy and suggest recruitment tools tailored to ensure a smooth, efficient and effective search process. Conduct research into what companies, institutions, and programs we will find potential candidates from.

Step 3


Reach out to our networks and the wider market to find qualified candidates. Develop a shortlist of candidates and manage interviews and feedback. Give honest and regular feedback on how the search is developing.

Step 4

Wrap up

Handle the “close” and offer negotiations, check professional references, and help the candidate with resignation prep if necessary.

Step 5

Follow Up

Ensure the candidate we have placed is doing well in their current role by doing systematic check-ins with both the hiring manager and the candidate. We flag any issues, troubleshoot any friction when possible and provide you with quarterly updates.

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-Regina G.