Director, Gene Therapy Research, Discovery and Innovation

Greater Los Angeles Area

Provide high-level scientific expertise and leadership capacity. Responsible and accountable for leading gene therapy projects through early discovery research to development transition and IND-filing, and for leading technical advancement and testing of gene therapy components internally and through external collaborations. The incumbent will work closely with SeniorManagement, external advisors, and colleagues to identify project opportunities, set objectives, and to determine and implement key scientific and technical strategy within the overall R&D Group. As Director, Gene Therapy Research, the incumbent will establish and lead a gene therapy research team to evaluate new technologies, programs, and opportunities, and to progress gene therapy projects in a highly collaborative manner.


•     Outstanding expertise and depth of knowledge related to gene therapy technologies including lentiviral vectors, AAV vectors, gene editing, non-viral gene delivery, and translational research.

•     Subject matter expert for gene therapy technology. Maintains high-level awareness of key scientific / technical strategies and innovative technological developments (e.g. competitive landscape, new technology, new research portfolio, and new partnership).

•     Lead complex gene therapy research projects applying well-developed skills and experience, while also designing and conducting hands-on experiments, analyze results, prepare study reports and presentations.

•     Provide leadership, guidance, support and motivation to research team members. Work to develop overall competency of team members, encouraging learning and professional development.

•     Work effectively with colleagues to help identify and critically assess external opportunities from academic partners and/or biotechs and incorporate them into our portfolio as appropriate.

•     Contribute to an environment that fosters innovation, encouraging originality and creativity.

Essential Qualifications/Experience:

•     PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, or related discipline with extensive gene therapy experience in relevant industry and / or academic environments.

•     Expected to have 5+ years of experience in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry, designing, optimizing and delivering high quality gene therapy drug candidates and leading project teams.

Essential Skills, Knowledge & Attributes:

•      Experience with new technologies that enable gene therapy drug development, including viral gene therapy with multiple and different viral vectors (such as lentiviral vectors or AAV vectors), non-viral vectors,  and the utilization of gene editing technologies.

•     Record of scientific excellence demonstrated by presentation and publication of scientific work and actual project work experience.

•     Able to conduct experiments alone and in collaboration with others internally and externally and to execute complex projects.

•     Excellent interpersonal skills

•     Ability to influence and inspire team members

•      Able to follow compliance of documentation in electronic lab notebook and author scientific reports that support internal documentation and regulatory submissions.

•      Demonstrate good organizational and communication skills.

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